Monday, 31 January 2011

Training Day

Hi - I'm back!
Just returned from a fabulous week of lying in the sun - and I feel
very relaxed and refreshed.
So now it's back to it.
First day back from my holiday was Training Day with the other
Stampin' Up! demonstrators in our team lead of course by
our "mummy"Julie. We had a great day with lots of fun and laughter
and some hard work!
The first thing we did was "swaps".
This is the swap I made - I'll show you the ones I
got in return next time.

Our first crafting bit was to make this lovely bag.
I did the demonstration!!!
Good job I was still relaxed from my holiday!
It went very well and the rest of the team were
very kind to me - thanks girls.
It was great meeting you all - some for the first time.

Well that's all for now as that pile of ironing will not
miraculously disappear on it's own!

Chris xx


  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful project with us all Chris - your demonstration was excellent!!
    Hope the ironing pile is not too big!!
    Angela x

  2. You were FAB U LOUS!!!!

    So proud of you!!

    Jules xx